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    We recognise that choosing the right school for your child is an important and often difficult decision. The current Covid-19 pandemic means our Admissions process is adapting to the school premises being closed. We are sure we will still be able to help you with your interest, so please don't hesitate to contact us. There are a number of factors involved in this process and parents may use their own experience as a starting point. Making the right choice should ultimately, result in a happy, fulfilled and contented child. Our job is to help guide you on the journey to joining Royal Group Of Schools. answering all of your questions and ensuring that we provide you with the best possible information.


    Qualified Teachers
    Enriched Library
    Recreational Area
    ICT Facility
    Well Equippped Sick Bay & Pharmacy

    Application Notice
    Admission into all classes is on going.

    We welcome you dear parent or guardian. We are happy to have your ward registered with us. Feel free to fill all necessary information as required. Kindly follow all the steps to get your child registered. Note that your ward can also take the entry exam online. Ensure you use functional email and active phone number as your ward application ID will be sent there. You will need it to verify or modify your submitted application. Please ensure you keep your Application ID for future reference. Kindly call 08037795569 if you need more assistance. Thank you for your interest in enrolling your ward in our institution. Thanks management.

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